Stress relief yoga

Stress relief yoga is a program that I’ve put together based on my experiences of different fields. It involves exercises that help prevent and reduce stress and anxiety and significantly improves health. The other focus of this program is to counteract the harmful effects of sedentary work with immediate and long-term results. For this purpose, the program includes pleasant and thorough spine training exercises. You can feel its nice tingling effect in your back after the first session already. Its long-term effect is that it improves your posture and thus, it can prevent the appearance of spine problems and conditions.

  • By relaxing the stress zones (face, neck, shoulders, back), gently exercising the spine, relaxing and doing conscious breathing, we can successfully handle the stress factors.
  • Our stress tolerance significantly improves, which makes our communication better with our colleagues and business partners.
  • The resistance of our system improves, which means that our overall health gets stronger and we become sick less often.
  • Our concentration improves so we can be quicker and more effective at work which also gives us a sense of success.
  • It refreshes and invigorates us, feeling like we woke up from a good night sleep.

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