Do you, like many other people, suffer from back problems? Do you want to do something about it? TRy spine remedy - fitness therapy

Do you work in an office sitting hunched over a computer all day long and feel pain in your back more and more frequently? If yes, I suppose your daily life is severely affected by the recurring back, neck or low back pain. Your movements are limited, your limbs are stiff, and sometimes even a simple movement or posture can be painful. With the method of Fitness Therapy you can remedy the cause of the problem itself. Your quality of life and performance will improve and you will enjoy better physical fitness and more attractive appearance.
When it comes to individuals or groups, for example if you are the MD of a company looking for a solution for your employees, I will develop a personalised exercise plan according to your needs and issues and will help you apply it at personal trainings or group exercise classes.

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„I would suggest Annamaria mainly to those persons that have pains at back or other spine problems, to experience how exercises, also with weights, can make them to disappear, and have again an healthy life, thanks to a knowledgeable trainer.”

Marco Salernitano (48)

„Being a mother of 3, to find time is more and more complicated. I‘m training every week with friends under the lead of Annamaria and I feel so great, that helps me to progress at yoga and reduce the recovery time. Thank you for your advices and good moment of relaxation”

Carole Jerome (44)