Remedial personal training

Remedial personal training is more complex than the classical type of personal training because its therapeutic aspect can help you find a solution for your recurring low back and neck pain and simultaneously makes you slimmer and fit. The word „remedial” refers to the fact that its primary goal is to fix posture problems and collateral spinal issues. Also, it is a complete personal training because the exercise plan helps you get rid of excess weight and develop a fit and healthy shape.

To achieve these two goals, I prepare a training program tailored to your needs. In the first session we discuss your current lifestyle and physical issues and determine your goals. That’s the cornerstone of Fitness Therapy, a program that offers a personalised exercise plan with specific steps all building up to achieving your goals. In the next sessions we follow this roadmap and advance step by step. My method focuses on the individual needs and characteristics of the clients. I’m there with you during the whole process and by interpreting to the feedbacks of your body, we can always modify and fine-tune the plan so that you can achieve your goals quickly and also maintain the results on the long run.

The musculo-skeletal disorder focused remedial personal training is only about you. The program is created on the basis of your individual needs and serves your personal goals. We may use mainly fitness machines and weights together with some bodyweight exercises, or the other way around. We may also include some yoga exercises. If you prefer yoga, the training plan can be based on that too, together with other types of exercises. It’s up to you, your personal preferences and your body’s feedbacks what type of activities we can use the most effectively in order to achieve your goals. My mission is to find a way for you to make the appropriate physical activity a part of your life. I believe that it all comes down to finding a form of exercise that makes you happy and thus, you will do it steadily and achieve long-term success.

If you cannot attend regular personal trainings but you would like to have a personal exercise plan, it’s possible as well. Depending on how quickly you can master the exercises, you can learn the parts of your plan during 1-3 intense sessions.

Remedial personal trainings
  • Location: Aréna Fitness (Duna Pláza parkolóház V. emelet, 1138 Bp. Váci út 178)
  • Duration: 70 min
  • Price: 4500 Ft/session (personal training) + 1300 Ft/ session (gym entrance fee)
  • Season tickets:
    • 5 session ticket: 21400 Ft (valid for 7 weeks)
    • 10 session ticket: 40,500 Ft (valid for 14 weeks)
    • Gym: unlimited season ticket: 9900 Ft

Personal exercise plan
  • Location: Aréna Fitness (Duna Pláza parking garage, 5th floor, 1138 Bp. Váci út 178.)
  • Duration:
    • 1st session: 90 min
    • further sessions: 70 min
  • Price:
    • 1st session: 8000 Ft + 1300 Ft
    • further sessions: 5000 Ft + 1300 Ft

Aréna Fitness

Address: Duna Pláza parking garage, 5th floor, 1138 Bp. Váci út 178.

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